Strategic principles

In order to capture the spirit of the consultation undertaken by Corsham Community Area Network (CCAN), and to help brief the architects who undertook the feasibility and options study, presented to the Area Board for their approval, the Shadow Community Operations Board prepared a set of design principles. These are included below;

Initial Design Principles

Captured at the COB meeting 4 May 2011; refined at the COB meeting 23 May 2011

  • A building for the Corsham community area that reflects the individuality and needs of both the area and the community within, taking into account the existing use and facilties that will form part of the campus.
  • An underpinning principle of the design and function of the campus is to solve existing problems and to improve and enhance services and access.
  • Future design and delivery to be completed with minimal disruption of existing services.
  • The campus should be a comprehensive point of contact, a hub, for the entire community area to find out about not only services in their local area but also ‘what’s going on’ in the area.
  • There is potentially no restriction on the utilisation of surrounding land with the caveat that nothing of community value is lost (map, appendix A)
  • Multi-purpose spaces to be flexible and functional for a variety of services and activities.
  • The campus is to hold a strong position within the community area for the future and able to cater for needs, or have the ability to cater for future needs, over the lifespan of the building.
  • Dedicated, fully accessible space for certain services where appropriate.
  • The views of the whole community and partners, collected through the consultation, are to be considered and needs met where possible
  • A campus for Corsham community area should be fully accessible to all who use it in terms of the design of the building itself and the ancillary areas such as parking and access facilities.
  • A Corsham campus should take account of sustainable integrated transport means e.g. linking to the Corsham cycle network, public transport and pedestrians.
  • Sustainability is a core principle and where possible the building should be proactively sustainable and energy efficient in all feasible ways.
  • Benefits from sustainable energy generation should accrue to the Corsham community campus.
  • The campus should be able to future-proof community communication needs.
  • The campus should look fantastic and be a distinctive solution for this community in this community area.
  • Art and creativity should be integral to the design.
  • The catering function and services should be accessible and attractive to all with the inclusion of some form of licensed facilities that will act as a secondary and complementary service to other activities taking place.
  • Infrastructure and facilities should be appropriate for all users and where possible potential conflict of interests must be reduced, e.g. changing areas, quiet spaces, multi-purpose spaces etc.
  • The physical design should be welcoming and encourage a sense of well-being in the individual user and the wider community.
  • The physical design should engender a sense of community ownership, engagement and pride.
  • Creativity and creative space should be a part of the design and functionality of the building.
  • The design of the building should discourage anti-social behaviour.
  • The physical design of the building and surroundings should engender a feeling of safety and security among its users and its neighbours, including road safety and the safety of those accessing the campus and surrounding facilities.
  • Where possible the design of the building should encourage social interaction between different users of the various activity spaces, enabling a sense of community and mutual support and providing opportunities for friendship.

These have been formulated on the evidence of the consultation. The consultation paper that was designed to confirm these in the community, and the likely composition of facilities, amenity and services that the campus would pride can be seen in the CCAN document .

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