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Springfield Campus Communications Meeting

 As the Springfield Campus build gets well under way the Corsham shadow Community Operation Board (COB) are keen to spread the word about the campus and what it will feature.

There will be a meeting on Tuesday 8th October at 4pm at Corsham School to discuss how the COB can better communicate with the community, as well as looking at developing a communications strategy for the campus once it opens.

 If you would like to attend please contact


Campus Construction Images

The following images were recently taken at the campus site and show some of the work taking place for the construction of the new wing of the campus.

In addition to the external works the internal works to the sports hall floor are on-going (image below) with the anticipation of the work being completed towards the end of August.

Other internal works to the current movement studio have now been completed with the studio and squash courts being re-opened for customer use.

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