Young Carers Awareness Day 26th January 2017

Young Carers Awareness Day 26th January 2017

This Young Carers Awareness Day we need your help to tell everyone about amazing Young Carers! Whether you hold an assembly in school or discuss it in a staff meeting we want to raise awareness about these fantastic young people.

The theme for this year is “When I Grow Up” and is all about helping Young Carers to achieve their dream career.

There are lots of things you can do to help us raise awareness this Young Carers Awareness day:

 Share on social media using the hashtag #YoungCarerAware
 Hold an assembly in school to teach students about Young Carers
 Add an item to your staff meeting agenda to talk about how your team can help Young Carers
 Watch and share our Wiltshire Voices—Young Carers video
 Check out the Spurgeons Young Carers in Wiltshire website and Facebook page.

The Carers Trust have a host of free resources including posters, lesson plans and quizzes which can be found at

You can also check out our brand new Wiltshire Voices video on simply search Wiltshire Voices—Young Carers or visit .The video features real Young Carers and their families living in Wiltshire.

If you would like more information about Young Carer Awareness Day or how to refer a Young Carer to Spurgeons Young Carers in Wiltshire please get in touch.

Phone: 01225 701820

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