Wraparound and holiday childcare

Wraparound and holiday childcare

The Government is proposing that parents should have the ‘right to request’ that their child’s school should consider establishing wraparound and/or holiday childcare, and that childcare providers should have the ‘right to request’ the use of school facilities for such childcare at times when the school is not using them.

The Government has compiled draft advice on how schools should respond to these requests. They are now seeking the views of those affected by the advice in order to ensure that the final departmental advice is helpful, practical and proportionate.

‘Wraparound childcare’ is childcare that schools provide outside of normal school hours, such as breakfast clubs or after school. Departmental advice helps you understand how to comply with the law or explains what the Government’s policies mean in practice. You do not have to follow the advice.

You can have your say at Wraparound and Holiday Childcare Consultation closing date 29th February 2016

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