Wiltshire’s Big Pledge gets underway – what will you pledge?

Wiltshire’s Big Pledge gets underway – what will you pledge?

A countywide project asking people to make a difference to their own lives and their community is officially underway.

Wiltshire’s Big Pledge – part of Wiltshire Council’s Legacy for Wiltshire programme – will run for the next 12 weeks.

At a launch event people were invited to share their pledge with the local community and place it on Wiltshire’s Big Pledge tree.

The tree will be displayed at County Hall for the duration of the project providing inspiration and encouragement for people keen to get involved.

People can pledge as an individual, group, or community to do something that will improve their, or someone else’s, health and wellbeing.

Anybody and everybody can get involved. Perhaps a group of colleagues could make a difference by arranging an event to raise money for charity, or encouraging people in their local community to get healthier and fitter by setting up a walking or cycling group. A pledge could be to volunteer in the community, or it could be to challenge themselves to stop smoking or get fitter, or stop drinking alcohol for the 12 week period.

Many community groups and area boards have already signed up and pledged what they will do. Their pledges include becoming dementia friendly towns and communities, opening the local bowls club to everyone to enjoy for a weekend for free, starting a choir, or raising funds for a local charity.

Keith Humphries, cabinet member for public health said: “Wiltshire’s Big Pledge is an opportunity for anyone looking to make a positive change for themselves or other people.

“This is a great project and I hope people will encourage and support each other to take part and have fun while doing it.”

Maggie Rae, corporate director said: “We know communities respond positively to a challenge and welcome the opportunity to get involved in activities and events they can do together. We hope the pledges on display on the tree will inspire people to get involved as we know this will make a positive impact on our communities.

“Whether people want to make a positive change to their own health or general wellbeing, or give something back to their local community, I would like to wish them all the luck and say a huge thank you for participating. I’m sure the results will be fantastic.”

For more information and to make their pledge, people should visit the Wiltshire Big Pledge website. 

Wiltshire Council’s Legacy for Wiltshire programme has built on the success of the 2012 events by keeping the economy invigorated, bringing communities together and encouraging more people to get more active and healthier.

A dedicated Facebook page has also been set up for people to share their stories.

If people are on Twitter they can share updates and ideas using #BigPledge

A promotional video for Wiltshire’s Big Pledge can also be viewed on YouTube.

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