Wiltshire Police are looking for new recruits

Wiltshire Police are looking for new recruits

On Tuesday 12 November Wiltshire Police will once again be offering opportunities for people who are seeking a career as a police officer.

The last recruitment campaign took place in January this year and applicants were given a small window of time in which to apply. During the November recruitment campaign the on-line application will be open for ten days so people can apply any time within that period.

Superintendent Charlie Armstrong, Head of People Standards and Support said; “This is a tough application process and often applicants who made it through the first few stages don’t make it all the way through. It is our job to ensure that this recruitment process enables us to get the right people for the role, giving us the best candidates as police officers.

This time, we are opening the recruitment online pre-assessment tool for ten days. It will be accessible 24 hours a day and will close at 10am on Friday 22 November.”

January’s recruitment drive was the first time any police force in the south-west had recruited police officers since the launch of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2010. As a result, there was an unprecedented response with the website receiving over 300,000 hits during the three hours it was open.

In total, 41 candidates of the 1064 applicants were successful from the January recruitment campaign. Successful candidates are currently on provisional offers, subject to passing upcoming entry tests.

Wiltshire Police are running another recruitment process this year in their search for dedicated people with the right skills, knowledge and experience to join the devoted team of police officers who provide an excellent policing service across the county.

Superintendent Charlie Armstrong continued; “We hope that this recruitment campaign will create a pool of police officer applicants from which to fill future intakes. Successful recruits may start training in the summer and autumn 2014.

“The application process is robust. It takes around 46 weeks to progress through the various stages from the initial application stage to the date employment starts with Wiltshire Police.

“We hope to receive applications from across the country to recruit the best future police officers for Wiltshire.”

Chief Constable Pat Geenty said; “I am delighted that we are in a position to recruit additional police officers. Although the service is facing many challenges, policing remains an excellent career choice.

“It offers an exceptionally diverse career in public service, offering individuals the chance to make a real difference to local communities.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson said; “This recruitment campaign will help us to maintain police officer numbers and ensure that there continues to be a highly visible policing presence in our local communities.

“We are also particularly encouraging applications from minority ethnic communities, as they are presently under-represented within Wiltshire Police.”

Applications are welcomed from both current Wiltshire Police staff and from members of the public.

Applicants must be aged between 18 and 57 and be able to prove the following qualifications:

• Level 3 qualification (A Level Grade E) or above, in any subject or equivalent
• GCSEs A*- C in English Language or Literature or equivalent, CSE English Grade 1, O Level English Grade C or above
• GCSE Maths A* – E, or functional/numeracy skills Level 2 or equivalent.

The qualifications have changed slightly since the January recruitment campaign, as a result of Winsor recommendations.

The initial salary will be £19,000 per year as specified in the Winsor recommendations.

In addition, all applicants must:

• Be physically fit and in good health – you will be required to pass a medical examination and fitness test
• Have good unaided vision and must not suffer from any morbid eye conditions. Severe colour vision deficiencies would not pass the eyesight test
• Be a British Citizen or a member of the European Community, European Economic Area, Commonwealth Citizen or be a foreign national who is resident in the UK, free of restrictions and with unrestricted leave to remain
• Have lived in the UK for three years prior to the date the application is made
• Hold a full UK driving licence by the date of appointment (start date)
• Not have any outstanding county court judgements against them or have been registered bankrupt without the debts having been discharged.

All applicants should also be aware that:

• There is no maximum or minimum height restriction
• All applicants will have samples of their DNA and their fingerprints taken as part of the vetting process and a search against any outstanding crimes will be made before an appointment is made
• All police officer candidates will be subject to alcohol and drugs misuse testing before an appointment is made
• If you are or ever have been a member of the BNP or similar organisations (Combat 18, National Front etc.) your application will be rejected
• Convictions or cautions will not necessarily preclude you from appointment. It will depend on their nature and the circumstances of the offence. Failure to disclose convictions or cautions will, however, result in your application being terminated
• Tattoos will not necessarily preclude you from appointment. However there are limitations on the design and location of the tattoo. This will be assessed in the application process.

Applicants must apply via the online pre assessment tool which can only be hosted on the following browers; Internet Explorer, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 8, Safari 5 (Mac and PC). The online pre assessment tool has not been developed for mobile platforms (iPads, tablets, iPhones etc.) so applicants will need to use a laptop or normal computer.

For more information please call the dedicated Resourcing Team phone line on 01380 734132 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or email

Please do not call 101 for information about the recruitment process.

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