WHy not start the new year by stopping smoking


New year is the perfect time to make a change and quitting smoking is the best change you’ll make.

However it can be hard to do this on your own which is why help is available. Wiltshire Council has trained stop smoking advisors who offer friendly, non-judgemental advice and support across the county. The advisors will give you tips and information while working with you to beat your cravings and change your smoking habits. Your advisor can also discuss the range of stop smoking medications and help to choose the right one for you. If you would like to use an electronic cigarette or vaporiser, they can still help you break free from tobacco use; let your advisor know that you have your own device and they can work with you to stop smoking.

Support is available in most GP surgeries as well as at participating pharmacies. To find out more including your nearest stop smoking advisor go to

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