Wet Weather and Gully Emptying

Wet Weather and Gully Emptying

With the advent of autumn we will inevitably see wetter weather and a greater risk of flooding.

Wiltshire Council is doing all it can to be ready for any adverse weather by doubling the number of gully tankers from three to six to empty road gullies. By the end of December we expect to have emptied all gullies on the ‘A’ Roads at least once this year, with all B, C and unclassified gullies being scheduled to be emptied by March next year. With the ‘A’ roads carrying the greater number of traffic movements and the higher vehicle speeds we schedule the completion of these first, followed closely by the remaining roads.

When flooding issues occur, Wiltshire Council treats affected areas as a priority. The rural nature of Wiltshire means that the road gully system can be rapidly affected by the considerable volume of soil and detritus washed into the system from adjacent fields. This will mean that many road gullies have to receive additional empties and become blocked between the scheduled emptying.

This Council understands the damage and distress caused by flooding, and works with the local communities through the Operational Flood Working Groups on improving drainage and on flood alleviation schemes, but it is necessary to be realistic about what can be achieved in dealing with these sudden and very extreme weather events. Whilst the council does do all that it can to alleviate flooding the responsibility for protection of private property does rest with property holders. We encourage residents to look at their properties with a view to considering large volumes of water impacts. This would include ensuring private gullies are clear and empty, that water flow systems are not obstructed and being prepared for flood prevention, such as having sandbags ready.

If you think a gully is blocked superficially, with leaves or grass, you may, with care on the highway, clear it yourself. If the blockage is not easy to clear or you have any other concerns, these can be reported to Wiltshire Council using one of the following methods:
• By telephone on 0300 456 0105 – the customer services team will give you a log number.
• On line at where you will be able to leave your email address and receive updates.
• Or using the MyWilts app on a smart phone, again you will receive updates.

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