WES (Wiltshire Exchange Scheme)

WES (Wiltshire Exchange Scheme)

It is a long time since we presented the idea of setting up a Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS) in your area but it was never forgotten. We had a steady trickle of people wanting to join a LETS local to them but there wasn’t always one near them. Consequently the idea of a Wiltshire-wide version was born and we have spent a lot of time designing something that enables local groups to grow and communicate with others in Wiltshire. Although you cannot see members’ details until you join, if you go the ‘Members’ List’ tab on the login page, you will see that it is presented in community areas. Members can click on these and discover who else is in their area. WES works by mutual credit, in which friendship networks create value and support each other by exchanging goods and services, helping to build, link up and consolidate local communities/organizations across Wiltshire. If you sometimes need resources and/or a helping hand, and enjoy organizing, sharing your skills, learning something new, or just meeting people – do join us – to find out more and access the joining form, go to ‘Learn More’ on the web site

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