Can you help give our local older people a voice?

Can you help give our local older people a voice?

Wiltshire Council and its partners wish to establish a community led model to health and wellbeing with the initial focus being on ensuring that older people and their carers receive the support and services that they require.

A vital element of this is understanding the needs of older people and their carers as well as coordinating and improving the support that is put in place. We are therefore looking for a volunteer who can give a few hours of their time to liaise with and represent the views of older people and carers in the Corsham Community Area. In particular to:

• Talk to and seek the views of older people or carers in their local communities on matters related to services provided by the Council or NHS and represent these views at Corsham Area Board or through the Corsham Health and Wellbeing Group.

• Work with the Corsham Area Board and local voluntary groups to encourage joint working and share experience to help new local groups set up.

• Advocate for older people or carers and be a focal point for identifying what service improvements or developments are required.

• Link and work with the local Community Engagement Manager.

• Talk to older people or carers to obtain their views about services. They will represent these views at Area Board meetings or other meetings as requested and discuss with the Council and CCG Commissioners the priorities for older people or carers and work with them on service improvements and developments.

• To provide a focus for the exchange of views and information between older people or carers and the Council’s adult care and housing services.

• To work with the Area Board on service improvements and developments to meet the needs of people in community areas.

To find out more including a nomination form, please go to

If you want to discuss the role or have any questions then please contact Richard Rogers at or Tel: 07771547522

I would be grateful if you could share this information with anyone or any organisation that you think may be interested.

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