Student Volunteering Week – Hear From Current Student Volunteers

Student Volunteering Week – Hear From Current Student Volunteers

Student Volunteering Week takes place from 24th Feb to 2nd March 2014
Student Volunteering Week (SVW) is a nationwide celebration of student volunteering, which has traditionally taken place each spring. Now in its 13th year, SVW brings together organisations from all sectors to promote and celebrate the volunteering efforts of students across the Universities and Colleges in the UK.
What could you do?
There are many students within Wiltshire who are all volunteering in many different ways, benefiting both the organisations and themselves.
If you’ve never volunteered before but you’ve been thinking about getting involved – maybe it’s time to explore what a good opportunity this is. Volunteering is easier than you may think. You give your time to do something useful and in return you get a challenging, rewarding and enriching experience with the satisfaction of time and effort well spent. The range of opportunities is huge. Whatever your skills and experience, there is something that will fit with your interests and your schedule.
If you are looking to volunteer, there are lots of reasons why:
• Increase your self-confidence
• Something to put on your CV
• Show potential employers you can keep regular hours and stay committed to a task / role
• Have something to talk about and increase your confidence in an interview
• Get experience and training in a particular field
• Get references
• Learn something new, find new interests
• Feeling useful and appreciated, having a role to play
• Doing something meaningful, being part of a team, making a contribution

Hear from Current Student Volunteers…
We have spoken to three fantastic Student Volunteers this week, Joe, Rob & Bethany who all volunteer in their community all for different reasons. Visit our website page to read their full stories.
Could you spare a few hours a week to support a local group or cause? Volunteering can make a really difference to not only the group you are supporting but yourself too.
We have over 2000’s opportunities throughout Wiltshire so we are sure there is something for everyone.
Visit our website
or call us on 0845 521 6224 for further information on the amazing things you can do.

Or, if you are in Salisbury on 24th March, why not come to the library 10 – 12 for our Volunteer Drop-in Session and find out more.

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