Join the 1000’s of others and Sign up fot the ‘Road to Rio’ Challenge

The ‘Road to Rio’ Challenge is designed to encourage us all to have fun whilst getting a little more active to improve our health and wellbeing.

About 1,600 people are signed up in the Corsham Community Area already and starting to register the distance they are covering. If you have not already done so then please do sign up and get involved. It only takes a minute and costs nothing. Please also encourage those you know to do likewise.

The challenge is for everyone regardless of their age and fitness. It is about challenging ourselves to do just that bit more. Walking to the shops, tasking the dog out or an evening cycle ride.

We will be at the Corsham Summer fete and Springfield Open day on Saturday 11th June from 12:00 to 4pm. Do seek us out where you can not only sign up for the challenge, but also find out more that is on offer at Springfield Campus. We will also have a couple of exercise bikes for you to have a go on if you would like to get started as well as a smoothie bike where you can have a go at making a delicious smoothie through pedal power alone! There is also a free pedometer for the first 100 people who register.

‘Road to Rio Challenge: 4 June – 29 July 2016 Sign up now!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday


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