Shine 2015

Shine 2015

Start 2015 by taking steps to safeguard the future of your children by signing up to SHINE! This is a child weight management project run by Wiltshire Council for children aged 7 – 11 who are above their healthy weight range. It will help to give you the information, advice and support necessary to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

SHINE stands for self help, independence, nutrution and exercise and the programme provides fun, active sessions where you wll learn about nutrition, food groups, portion sizes, healthy breakfasts and lunchboxes and food labelling. We’ll also look at how emotions can affect what we eat.

One in three children now leave primary school at a weight level that is either overweight or obese acording to their healthy weight range. Carrying too much weight can harm us; we way not see the harm now, we may not even notice the weight as being too much weight but unseen dangers are still real dangers.

We all want the best for our families – be a forward thinking parent and protect your family’s future now by contacting SHINE if you have any weight concerns for your child. It’s free, fun and friendly and other parent’s agree, saying, ‘‘Attending the programme has really made positive changes to my family’s eating habits. Snaking after school has been curbed, and we’ve mastered experimenting with different flavours and food such as pasta and spices. SHINE isn’t about diets and lectures on not eating chocolate, it shows you a different way of looking at food and with their help, we’ve mastered portion sizes and have fun exercising too. We’ve really enjoyed SHINE as a family and my children and I are definitely benefitting from the programme.’

Courses start week beginning Monday 12th January in Trowbridge, Chippenham, Tidworth and Salisbury for 10 weeks, with a further 12 months of support available afterwards.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Victoria Richardson, SHINE project coordinator, on or call 01225 716674.

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