Save on your energy bills

Save on your energy bills

You could cut your energy bills by joining the UK’s largest council-led collective energy switching scheme – Ready To Switch. Wiltshire Council has joined forces with 12 other councils. in the bulk-buying project which lets every household in Wiltshire join with other communities in the UK. The result is a single powerful unit to negotiate cheaper energy bills, with residents seeing average savings on a dual fuel direct debit switch of over £100 per year.
For more information and to register to receive updates and details about registration dates visit The scheme is free of charge and no obligation – just have your latest energy bills to hand if you can’t remember how much you spend!
The scheme will work by means of a reverse auction run by the company ICHOOSR, which run collective schemes across Europe, where energy suppliers will be invited to bid the lowest price to supply the energy to all those signed up for the scheme.. When the scheme re-opens, once you register your details and the auction takes place you will get a personalised offer in the post or by email which you can accept or decline.

If you want more information please call 01225 713433

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