Restored Mining Trolley unveiled at Springfield Campus


On Friday 9th March, we celebrated the culmination of several years hard work, particularly by the Bunel Shed, to restore a disused mining trolley back to it’s former glory. A week earler, Magic Waste had arrived at Potley and Pockeridge Hall to transport the completed trolley to the campus where it was installed. They had then returned later with Bath stone that had been specially dug out of the mine only days earlier.

Lady Penny Marland, the High Sheriff of Wiltshire had kindly agreed to unveil the plaque and joined the shedders and other representatives for lunch in the campus. She was very impressed with the fantastic community spirit that is so evident in Corsham

This installation commemorates the history and economic importance of the stone mine industry in the Corsham area. Wooden trolleys were used in the local mines, both underground and on the surface tramways, up to some 40 years ago. In addition to the design here, there were also braked trolleys with steel hoops acting direct on the wheel rims. They were capable of carrying up to 6 tons of Bath stone.

This example was recovered courtesy of the Monks Parks (Hanson Bath and Portland Stone) Quarry. It has been completely re-built by members of the Brunel Shed with main timbers of oak and top beams in elm. The wheels were cast in Derby in 1875, and where ever possible the original ironwork has been retained.

Rails, sleepers and the stone block are courtesy of Hartham Park Quarry (the Lovell Group), and the late David Pollard also gave invaluable advice throughout the project.

Do come along and have a look at this fantastic addition to the heritage art in Corsham

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