Plan to create growth for Chippenham

Plan to create growth for Chippenham

Wiltshire Council’s cabinet members have approved draft plans for consultation that set out Chippenham’s growth over the next decade and beyond.

The Draft Chippenham Site Allocations Plan outlines proposed strategic sites to ensure the delivery of housing and employment growth for the town by 2026. It has been developed taking into account the extensive consultation previously undertaken as part of the council’s Core Strategy which was formally adopted by the council last month.

The overall level of growth proposed to be allocated is 2,500 new homes and approximately 28 hectares of employment land on three mixed use site allocations.

The proposed developments, together with existing commitments, will enable: early delivery of employment land; delivery of housing to be maintained at reasonable rates across the remaining plan period; completion of an eastern link road between the A350 to the North and the A4 to the south of Chippenham alleviating traffic within the town centre; new schools and country parks focused on the River Corridor.

Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for strategic planning, said: “This is exciting news for Chippenham. These robust plans will ensure future growth in the town.

“Development will be focused towards the town’s least sensitive areas in terms of landscape and ecology, and there will be improved access to significant areas of open space for the town via the river corridor.

“The housing development will be phased to allow completion of critical pieces of transport infrastructure helping tackle congestion within the Town.”

Taking into account homes already built and existing housing commitments, there will be 4,925 new homes in Chippenham and approximately 34 hectares of employment land over the plan period, compared to the ‘at least 4,510 new homes’ and ‘approximately 26.5 hectares of land for employment’ required by the Core Strategy.

The Draft Chippenham Site Allocations Plan has been prepared in accordance with the Wiltshire Core Strategy, which is Wiltshire’s blueprint for sustainable development in the county. Developed over five years, the core strategy heard from hundreds of organisations, businesses and residents during consultation, and was also subject to public hearing sessions and shaped by modifications as Wiltshire Council and the Inspector sought to strike a balance between driving economic growth and protecting the environment.

A public consultation period will now be held, running for six weeks from 23 February.

Comments are invited on the draft Chippenham Site Allocations Plan, the draft Sustainability Appraisal Report and supporting evidence, during the consultation period which starts at 9am on Monday 23 February and closes at 5pm on Wednesday 8 April 2015.

A public exhibition will be held at the Neeld Hall in Chippenham on Monday 16 March (12pm – 7pm), where you can find out more about the Plan.

How to view the Plan

The Plan and supporting documents can be viewed:

online at
in local libraries at Chippenham, Corsham and Calne during normal opening hours; and
at the council’s main office hubs at Monkton Park (Chippenham), 27-29 Milford Street (Salisbury) and County Hall (Trowbridge) during normal opening hours.

How to comment on the Plan

We welcome your comments via the following means:

online via the council’s consultation portal: (You are encouraged to respond in this way if you can, to assist the council in managing the representations received)
by email using the representation form available at and returned to; or
by post in writing to (please use the representation form): Spatial Planning, Economic Development and Planning, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8JN.

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