Pass it on

Pass it on

An exhibition representing the fruit of a summer’s walking and talking in Corsham and surrounding towns with opportunity to join walks, talks and workshops.

September 16th to 27th
Springfield Campus, Corsham, Wiltshire

“Pass It On” developed in Wiltshire over the summer of 2014. Artist Dominic Campbell has engaging creatively with people living locally and with other artists has creatively explored walking and mapping, how values are transmitted, and the use of digital technology in a rural environment. It culminates in “Pass It On: Harvest of Wandering” an exhibition and free programme based around Springfield Campus.

Highlights and opportunities to get involved include:

Born in Corsham?
An invitation for all born in the Maternity Home on Corsham High St which closed in 1950’s to participate in a group photograph and memory gathering.

Optimistic Supper
An experimental feast celebrating the can do spirit of Wiltshire

“Walking Change”
Artists working in through walking in Wiltshire are joined by local walkers and academics to discuss what happens when we’re walking.

“Walking In Other’s Shoes”
Arts and social change: How can the arts help make change?

A Curious Ramble
Walking has long inspired arts, politics and philosophy. We walk side by side, not against each other. Conversations evolve with the act of walking, as landscape changes and seasons pass. Join us for a walk. We know the walks’ route but where might the conversation lead?

Digital Walking
Explore how to share sounds, images and words linked to a walk. Make a social media trail online.

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