Parish Emergency Assistance Scheme (PEAS) – 2016/2017

Parish Emergency Assistance Scheme (PEAS) – 2016/2017

Please find attached the application form for the 2016/17 PEA’s scheme – follow the link to Springfield’s website below. This scheme allows Wiltshire Council to support local communities and help make them more resilient during extreme weather. We have been successfully running this scheme for 4 years now and have been able to build a good rapport between Wiltshire Council and the local communities. As town and parish councils you have also been able to build up a good stock of the items available within the scheme, this year we are looking to run the scheme in a slightly different way.

In previous years, Wiltshire Council has delivered all requested kit direct to each Parish. As you can imagine this is quite an operation and involves the assistance of outside contractors to allow for us to deliver all of the equipment before the onset of winter. This year rather than delivering, we will be opening up some of our depots to enable town and parish councils to come and collect the equipment they need. I will be in touch with the dates once they have been decided. Salt & Sand will be available in 25kg bags so that they are manageable rather than the tonne bags which we have delivered in the past. We have received some comments that scheme operators find it difficult to store the tonne bags in suitable locations and then it becomes hard and is of no use. We can also use this opportunity as a drop in session to develop local weather plans and show you what we are doing this year.

The deadline for participating in the 2016/17 season is the end of September 2016 any requests received by that date will be processed so that stocks can be ordered and bags delivered in time for the winter. It is important that requests reach us by this date as during the winter months, it is operationally difficult to divert our resources to support this scheme.

Please complete the attached application form and return to If you no longer wish to take part in the self-help scheme please fill in the form to indicate this..

For any questions regarding the scheme please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely,

Brian Lanham
Weather and Drainage Manager

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