Outbreak of First World War Commemorations

Outbreak of First World War Commemorations

There will be many activities over the next four years commemorating events of 100 years ago. Parishes and local groups and societies are researching, publishing, and creating exhibitions to record the effects on local communities and the part these played in international events. For someone like me, who grew up among men who had served in that War, but rarely spoke of it, it’s a salutary lesson to realise that what, to me, seems relatively recent is distant history for many people.

At the History Centre we are providing help to people and groups researching the Great War locally – please go to  for further information – and we will also be giving new afternoon lectures on various topics 100 years after the event. From July the Intelligencer will have a piece every month on something that happened exactly 100 years earlier in either Wiltshire or on the world stage that had an effect on the county. I have some subjects in mind for this but would happy to receive any ideas as I will have 53 months to fill!

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