New Year, New You….a helping hand


Many of you will have started a new year’s resolution to get fitter. Many of you may have intended to do so. Being more active can be difficult to maintain and there are barriers in the way – but the positive outcomes are very fulfilling so stick with it!

At Springfield Community Campus we are here to help. But before you come and have a look around, here’s a few tips and ideas to consider which might help those resolutions:
1. If you’re looking to start something new and you’re a bit nervous about it, come and speak to someone – write down your questions, the things that are worrying you, and sit down with one of our staff members to go through them with you.
2. Whether you’re a newcomer to the gym or a regular user, set yourself a target and break that down into smaller, more manageable chunks to help make your visits mean something. Our fitness staff can help you with this.
3. Bring a friend – being active with others helps with your motivation and is a good way to stay on track.
4. Keep an exercise diary and write down what you’ve achieved each day – this will really help you to stay committed to your goal and build up your self-esteem.
5. Speak to an gym instructor about having a programme review to make sure what you’re doing is appropriate to the goal you have in mind.
6. Try something new! If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Try a new activity, go swimming, try and change your routines.
7. Consider what you’re eating and drinking, in general, and before and after being active – being dehydrated and eating badly will affect your performance.
8. Have a look at your general lifestyle habits – keep active during the day by walking and moving around rather than spending long hours sat in an office chair.
9. Try a group exercise class – they’re not as intimidating as they may look and they’re brilliant for motivation, as well as being social and good fun.
10. And finally…if you do join the gym, remember that what everyone else is doing in there is completely irrelevant to you. Your time in the gym, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you. Remember why you started, what you’re working towards and ask for help if you need it.

We wish everyone the very best with their new year resolutions and if you’ve not managed to start or stick with yours so far, then come in and have a chat with us.

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