New Year and new creative writing possibilities


Tanvir is an author, film maker, photographer and researcher.

In my Creative Writing Laboratories, I show you techniques designed to:
•unlock your creative potential
•deepen your understanding of yourself
•widen your perspectives
•engage empathy
•find greater positivity, confidence and resilience.

I aim to leave you inspired, energised and entertained!

My next Laboratory Courses starts on the 4th April at 6.30pm. The theme for the six weeks will be ‘Writing (and reading!) for transformation’ and will explore story, poetry and life writing etc. from this angle. Is it possible to be transformed by literature and poetry and how to we aspire to transform our own experiences and ideas using creative writing?

Course Leader: Dr Tanvir Naomi Bush (MA, PhD)
Venues: Springfield Community Campus, Corsham, UK
Price: For only £30 you can attend once a week for six weeks.
Shorter courses are also available. Prices vary

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