Meet the new Student Leaders

Meet the new Student Leaders

At The Corsham School, there isn’t a school council that only discusses food from the canteen, broken water fountains and what’s not appealing about the school uniform. Students have a real voice, and their views are listened to on the things that matter to them.

This remarkable ethos is facilitated by the Student Leader system of representation. As the Year 13s prepare to leave for university, the Year 12s applied and interviewed for the various Student Leader roles. There were 13 successful applicants.

The Directors of the Student Leaders for the coming year are Elena Bateman (External Affairs) and Martha Benedict (Internal Affairs). They are taking over from the work of Ben Hayday (you probably met him at an Area Board Meeting) and Oscar Wilson respectively.

There are also Student Leaders who will work in different departments, namely ‘Events’, ‘Charity & Fundraising’, ‘Innovation & Digital’, ‘Broadcasting’ and ‘Promotion & Publishing’. This division of responsibilities allows students to involve themselves in projects that will benefit their CV or UCAS application, providing them with relevant and interesting experience.

But it’s not just the Year 13s who can take advantage of these opportunities. Last year, there were over 200 pupils who signed up to be Student Leaders! The Outgoing Directors consider this “testament to the fact that so many people recognise this system can bring about change.” There is expected to be a high turn out again for the Student Leader positions among years 7–11.

Over the last year, some of the notable Student Leaders achievements have been:
– Organising a trip to Parliament and a Q&A session with Michelle Donelan MP;
– Giving assemblies on the problems with LGBT stereotyping;
– Supporting Corsham Churches Food Bank;
– Setting up various clubs in the community, with support from the Area Board;
– Championing students’ issues with headteachers, governors, councillors, MPs and government ministers.

Elena and Martha, the new Directors of the Student Leaders, have expressed their interest in continuing some of these projects, but are also looking forward to starting their own and bringing to fruition some of the younger students’ ideas.

If you have an idea or a project that would benefit from a stronger connection with The Corsham School, why not get in touch with Elena Bateman, the External Director? She is keen to foster a strong relationship between school, community and business; so email her at

As this academic year is coming to a close – with the next only a few months away – the entire Outgoing Student Leader team wish to thank you for your on-going support and the newly appointed look forward to getting to know you.

You can find out more about the Student Leaders’ latest project with the food bank in the Gazette & Herald and on Corsham TV. Links below:

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