Launch of new Support and Safeguarding Service

Launch of new Support and Safeguarding Service




Today we are starting a new approach to the way we work with families and children with the launch of our Support and Safeguarding Service.

The new service follows feedback from families, partners, staff and other local authorities around how we can continue to improve our provision for families and children.

Over the past 18 months as part of the Children’s Services Integration project we have been working on how we can shape our service to ensure it meets the needs of families and children and is sustainable into the future. The result is the Support and Safeguarding Service.

We have created new posts in the Support and Safeguarding Service including a Family Keyworker role which will be a consistent person working with families to ensure sustained change. There will be a move to a more holistic whole family-based approach and a drive to improve workflow and reduce bureaucracy. We are developing a one front door model to access our services and we are implementing a fully integrated IT system.

Today marks the completion of phase 1 of the project with the launch. During Phase 2 more teams will be coming on board and we will be widening discussions with our partners to look at further opportunities for improvement.

We’ve made great strides in supporting families and children as they transition between social care and early help support. However we are never complacent and by bringing in these changes with our highly skilled and experienced teams we know this new service will continue providing high quality care and support into the future.


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