Join the Big Pathwatch

Join the Big Pathwatch

The Ramblers have today launched our most ambitious campaign ever to protect and improve our glorious paths in England and Wales. Please join us!

Taking part is a walk in the park – or the hills, the countryside or the woods. Perhaps it’s a wonky bridge or a locked gate; a flooded path or fallen tree. You tell us about it and we’ll then try to fix the problems that you find. We’ll also celebrate the wonderful things you see – like beautiful views and amazing wildlife, and together we’ll keep our paths open for everyone to enjoy.

You can get take part and get in touch with us in a variety of ways. On Ordnance Survey Explorer maps of England and Wales, everywhere is divided into 1 km grid squares. To take part, pick one of these squares and walk every footpath in it. Read our quick guide on which paths to walk.We have an app for smartphones that makes picking and walking your square simple and fun. You can follow yourself on your phone as you walk.

While you walk highlight any path problems you encounter – and the wonderful things you see. You can upload photos and share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter. Which square you pick is up to you. You could scale our highest peaks, wander along the beach, or picnic in the woods. Spend time with friends, plonk yourself into nature, and all the while protect our glorious paths.

If you don’t have a smartphone, no problem. Simply use our web version to pick your square and print off a map. After your walk you can come back and upload your findings until 31st December 2015. Go to the Big Pathwatch web version. We’ve also created some fun activity sheets to get your little ramblers involved in the Big Pathwatch too, please download our activity sheet for children from the website

For more details visit the website The Big Pathwatch we look forward to hearing from you all!



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