Individual Elector Registration (IER)

Individual Elector Registration (IER)

A new scheme of electoral registration is being introduced across the country, and the transition from the present system to the new will begin on 10 June this year.

All currently registered electors will have their name and address checked against government records so that they can be confirmed under IER. The vast majority of those on the register will be automatically transferred to the ‘IER register’ without having to do anything.

Each currently registered elector will then receive a letter from the Electoral Registration Officer to let them know that either:
• they have been confirmed and successfully transferred to the ‘IER register’ and do not need to do anything further, or
• they need to provide additional information to their Electoral Registration Officer in order to be registered under IER.
With IER, for the first time, new registrations can be completed on line at  IER will make registering to vote safer and more convenient.

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