Improvements to Springfield Campus Grounds given the go ahead

Improvements to Springfield Campus Grounds given the go ahead

Plans to improve the grounds at Springfield Community Campus were agreed by Corsham Area Board at it’s meeting on Thursday night.

Richard Rogers, Community Engagement Manager who has been working closely with TRANSCOCO explained some of the current difficulties which include:

  • Wildflower area too ‘bitty’ with some areas being difficult to maintain and not adding value
  • No distinction or divide between different features such as the planted areas, beds, wildflower and pathways
  • The area is looking unkempt and complaints are increasing
  • No interpretation boards so people do not know it is a wildflower area and what to look out for
  • Little provision to enjoy the space

Richard also explained that Wiltshire Council had no more money to invest and that the best solution would be a community led approach to improve and maintain what was already in place.

The main proposals are to:

  • Revert the smaller wildflower patches to grass
  • Maintain a mowed grass border around remaining Wildflower areas
  • Form a pathway through wildflower area with seating
  • Divide the wildflower areas from the planted areas using sleepers
  • Install 2 interpretation boards
  • Create space for small wildlife area or bug hotel using hedges or dry stone wall
  • Convert the squares to raised beds for herbs or plants
  • Mulch areas where the trees are planted and adjust the ties
  • Maximise use of the paved and gravelled areas e.g. Boule

The Area Board agreed with the proposals and put aside up to £5k in order to make the changes. The plan is for different people or groups/clubs/schools/business to take on a part of the work. This could be to simply look after one of the raised beds or mow the lawn when required. A community group will then be formed who will be responsible for the project once the initial work has been comleted

Quite a few people came forward at the meeting to offer their support in addition to those who have already offered their help. We are looking for people to do a variety of different tasks. We need people to help with the initial work, people to make or donate some of the items, people to ‘adopt’ a part of the grounds for ongoing maintenance, expert advice, coordination of the work and so on. The plan is for a community group to be established to take the project forward once the initial works have been completed. Plaques will be put up on the raised beds acknowledging those who adopt them so it is a good way of givingto the community as well as promoting your organisation.

If you would like to know more or want to get involved then please contact

Do also contact us if you are a business and can offer mulch, plants, trees, wood, tools, small shed, sleepers or other related items.

This is an exciting project that moves Springfield Community Campus closer to fulfilling the vision of it being a facility for the community and run by the community. I do hope that you can get involved

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