Healthy Me – A fun approach to wellbeing

Healthy Me is a fun, healthy lifestyle journey for children aged 7-11 and their families. The programme is designed to support children and young people to achieve a healthy weight. These may be children who;
• have little or no knowledge regarding healthy eating
• struggle to take part in physical activity for various different reasons
• struggle with their confi and self-esteem

Families will come away brimming with ideas, energy and knowledge, and your child and the rest of your family will be supported to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle .

We are interested. But what’s involved?
Our journey lasts for ten weeks, once a week during term time. Each session is 90 minutes and split between fun physical activities and learning about healthy eating. Plus of course, always having fun and making new friends along the way. There will also be the opportunity to take on some of our coaches at various challenges and quizzes.

Sounds great. What topics and activities do we cover?
There are so many areas that we delve into at Healthy Me, here are just a few;
• Portion control – how much should I be eating?
• Learning and developing life skills
• Sugar vs Fats
• Fun games with little or no equipment that can be played at home with family and friends
• Nutrients – What are these, what do they do, and how much should I be eating?
• Tips and tricks around the kitchen
• How to boost my self-confi and self-esteem
• How much exercise and physical activity should I be doing?
• How can we make recipes healthier?
• Themed games such as Supermarket Sweep

What happens when we complete our journey?
We don’t want to lose contact with you and the fun and learning will continue. We will offer our support for a whole year following completion of the course by providing activities for you take part in at our leisure centres and inviting you back during school holidays to our fun days which will involve activities such as bouncy castles, assault courses, and of course the famous smoothie bike.

The nearest location for the Corsham Community Area is Chippenham. Sessions take place at the Olympiad on Tuesdays from 4.15pm to 5.45pm

For more information on what help and support we offer and to book your family onto the programme, please contact Healthy Me at:
Tel: 01225 716674

You can also find out more by watching a video at

or through the Website link;

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