Health Trainer Top Tip #5Health 5

Health Trainer Top Tip #5Health 5





Health Trainer Top Tip for October 2017 

Need help handling cravings? Whether you are trying to quit smoking, cutting out or reducing chocolate, crisps and other snacks, finding good ways to handle cravings can be the difference between success or failure.

Next time you have a craving, follow The Five “D”s:

STOP yourself when the craving starts…

Do I really need this? – Ask yourself the question.

Delay – Cravings normally only last around 5 minutes, just wait and it will pass.

Do something else – Distract yourself, go for a walk, read a book, complete that task you’ve been meaning to do.

Drink something healthy – Have a drink of water or a refreshing cup of tea. Putting something healthy in your mouth will help form a new healthier habit.

Deep breaths – Take 5 slow deep breaths.

If you would like support in becoming more physically active, improving your diet, stopping or reducing smoking and reducing your alcohol intake then why book an appointment with a Health Trainer? Looking at these behaviours and changing them can support you with self-confidence and motivation. Call 0300 003 4566 or email to find out more or book a free session.


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