Hatching for schools – Wiltshire

Hatching for schools – Wiltshire

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Inspired by watching my two year old daughter, put every egg she collects from the chicken coup up to her ear, because she thinks she will hear the tell tale sound of tapping chicks, and believing every child should have this opportunity—Hatching for Schools was born!

Hatching for Schools—Wiltshire is a small business who provide everything a school needs to hatch chicks or ducklings (your choice) with its children. This includes an incubator and hatching eggs, a brooder to keep the babies warm once they have hatched, and a weeks’ worth of food. As well as the equipment, I am on hand for teachers to call at should they require extra support at any point throughout the process.

Once the chicks or ducklings have hatched the school can either keep them or I can take them back home with me to the farm, (there is no rush the school can keep them for as long or short a time as they wish).

We cover north, west and east Wiltshire. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

The basic package £180.00:
•Hatching eggs x6
•1 weeks’ worth of feed
•Full support

Candling Session (Optional) £45.00:
•As a qualified teacher I am able to offer candling sessions (45-60 minutes) to show the children the embryo’s developing inside the egg during week 2 of incubation.


Helen Kobylec

HnD, Cert Ed

2 Orchard Cottage





SN15 2JU

Tel: 01249 730447

Mob: 07833 251202


Find us on Facebook at: Hatching for Schools—Wiltshire

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