Gastard Village Hall

Gastard Village Hall

Our hall goes from strength to strength and this October saw the 1st anniversary of our refurbishment.

Looking after a building always takes time and patience, which was slightly tried when the storms in  April knocked down part of our fence and took all of it including the concrete base, into the garden next door!

Our neighbours have been very kind and patient while we raised the funds to replace not only the  fencing but also all of the pathway that held it up, along the whole length of the hall.

We very quickly spoke to both Corsham Town Council and the Corsham Area Board to see if we could apply for grant funding to replace the fence and complete the groundwork’s. Both parties had been very generous in the past when we ask for funding last year for the refurbishment of the hall and they have been equally helpful this year.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Corsham Town Hall for granting £500 and the Corsham Area Board for giving us £1500 toward the fence project.  The remainder of the costs were met by the fete this year.


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