Funding for computer equipment

Funding for computer equipment

If you are looking for computer equipment to help people get online, learn how to send emails or use the internet to help them in their everyday lives then Wiltshire Council’s Wiltshire Online project may be able to help.

The Area Boards and Wiltshire Online are now inviting bids for funding to help people make the most of the internet and computers across the County. This could involve installing broadband into village halls, purchsing laptops or tablet computers for use by local people, improving your IT training facilities, creating IT hubs or providing assistive technology for people with disabilities. Applications for capital equipment are welcome.

You will simply have to demonstrate that your project will help more people to get access to the internet and computing, gain skills or help them get more from IT technology to help them in their everyday life.

You can apply online now – click this link to start an application.

For grants under £1,000 no match funding is required, for bids over £1,000 you will need to secure some match funding. You can find out more about our grants criteria here:

Click this link to read more.

Wiltshire Council currently awards £1m every year to support community groups and for every £1 it awards, communities are chipping in £3. That delivers projects totalling nearly £4m every year – projects that help build stronger, more resilient and more vibrant communities right across the County.

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