Free Healthy Lifestyles programme for Wiltshire families

Free Healthy Lifestyles programme for Wiltshire families

A further four SHINE Wiltshire programmes are being rolled out in September 2015 across the county in, Chippenham, Trowbridge Salisbury and Tidworth for families to join for FREE. SHINE programmes run 3 times a year; in September, January and April.

SHINE (Self-Help, Independence, Nutrition and Exercise) Wiltshire, is a FREE healthy lifestyle programme developed for children aged 7-11 years. It is specially designed to support young people who are above a healthy weight.

SHINE has been working with 46 families over the last 12 months and our families have seen big improvements in behaviour change amongst their children as well as a change in their tummy and hip sizes too. With 100% satisfaction from families attending, (June 2015), 78% of parents reported that their child had increased their activity levels, increased their fruit and vegetable consumption and reduced their screen time (playing on computers or watching TV) and 100% of children all maintained or decreased their hip or waist measurement.

The programme is designed to look at healthy lifestyles in a way that is fun, involving and interactive. SHINE offers tips and advice on healthier lifestyles around topics such as portion sizes, food groups, healthy lunchboxes, breakfasts and food labelling. Every session includes fun games and activities such as; Tae Kwon DO, swimming, walking, boxing, Frisbee, dodgeball and dance.

Our September course dates are as follows:
Frogwell Primary School
Tuesdays 22 September – 1 December

Oasis Academy Longmeadow
Wednesdays 23 September – 2 December

Clarendon Juniors School
Thursdays 24 September – 3 December

St Mark’s Junior School
Wednesdays 16 September – 1 December

2016 programme dates will be released in Nov 2015.

For more information or to download a leaflet please visit
Alternatively please contact the SHINE team at or Victoria Richardson on 01225 716674.
GPs, school nurses, parent support advisors or other health professionals can also refer and offer support and advice. Individuals can check whether they, or anyone in their family is within the healthy weight range by visiting or clicking ‘find out more’.

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