Do you want to clean for the Queen?

Do you want to clean for the Queen?

Wiltshire Council is supporting a national campaign called ‘Clean for the Queen’. The aim is to clear up Britain in time for Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday, which will be officially celebrated in June 2016. The campaign was launched by Country Life magazine in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy in a bid to rally an army of volunteers across the country to clean up their local areas.
When The Queen came to the throne, litter was not the problem that it is today. Food packaging, plastic bottles, takeaway meals and cigarette butts have all contributed to a growing menace that affects our wildlife, streets, countryside and sense of pride. We are fortunate that the community area is generally kept very tidy but there are times when an additional clean would really make a difference.
We are therefore encouraging neighbourhoods, schools, clubs, work places, and others in the community to get involved and organise an extra clean of the area that you live, work or relax in. Wiltshire Council will, if required, provide all equipment and take away the bags of litter once you have finished. All you need to do is choose a place that you wish to tidy and find some people who are willing to join you. The main weekend for the clean up is the 5th and 6th March but if that is not convenient just pick another date nearby.

Some examples of places some groups are already signed up to clean include:
• Schools tidying their grounds
• Businesses tidying around their work place
• Neighbours getting together to clean their street
• Walking group cleaning their park
• Scouts cleaning the area around their hall

It would be great if you would like to get involved. It can also be great fun!

To register your clean up, please complete the brief form that can be found at

Once your area is clean, you may also wish to think about holding a street party or similar event to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday around June 11th and 12th. Celebrations will be held all over the world including hundreds in Wiltshire. We can provide help for you if you wish to run one.. We would love to hear about any plans you have and more information can be found at the above link.

I do hope you choose to get involved with the ‘Clean For The Queen’ campaign. If you are able to register as soon as possible then that would be helpful when we arrange for equipment to be provided and litter collected. We would also love to publicise your event and share any pictures you may take so do keep us informed and send them through

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