Develop’s Achievements Oct-Dec 2012

Develop’s Achievements Oct-Dec 2012

DEVELOP enables voluntary and community groups in Wiltshire to keep going, whether it is helping them find volunteers, ensuring they have the correct policies and procedures in place or learning through networking with others in similar situations. DEVELOP is a registered charity.
• Community Development Team
• Training & Events
• Volunteer Centre Wiltshire
• Wiltshire Voluntary Sector Forum Network
• Information & News
• Wiltshire Directory of Voluntary Organisations

Some quotes from our customers:
“I would have to spend a lot more time doing research and approaching other organisations which we don’t have a local relationship with, the good thing from my point of view is that DEVELOP is Wiltshire wide and so are we and we fit quite well together because of that. My role is strategic within this organisation, it’s to grow the volunteer base and experience and the fact I’ve got someone I come to and ask questions about and not waste time looking for answers makes all the difference.”
“The latest event I’ve been to which was extremely valuable was the cluster events which happen around the county, I have now been to Salisbury and Melksham and I’m just about to go to Devizes. They are fantastic for us as it’s about networking, we have come back from all of these events with leads and things we can do for other people, leads in respect of volunteers, but also funding and training opportunities.”

Tim has said that without the Volunteer Centre he would not have come across KeyRing and found the role which he feels has made a real difference to his life, he would still be sitting at home doing nothing everyday but now he’s active in his community and is planning a new career.
“Thank you for your invaluable help this afternoon. It was a great session with very practical advice and I am sure it will help me gain my confidence whilst presenting in the future”

“Thanks for all the help support you have given us over the past year – you’ve done an amazing job of creating a support network for voluntary organisations and I really hope you continue to get funding so you can keep it going.”

“When I first picked up a leaflet about DEVELOP at a seminar, I was not sure what kind of help they could give my charity. However, on contacting them and speaking to their very helpful staff, I was very pleased to find that they could help us in all sorts of ways. As a relatively new developing charity we have found it difficult to keep up with all the policies that were needed. DEVELOP had the answer, and were quick to render assistance. They also advertised on our behalf for volunteers, and we were surprised how many applications we have had. I would like to thank the staff of DEVELOP for all their help.”

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