DEVELOP Volunteers Aid Installing Mural at Biss Meadows Country Park, Trowbridge.

DEVELOP Volunteers Aid Installing Mural at Biss Meadows Country Park, Trowbridge.

Wiltshire volunteers were enlisted in support of a recent initiative to counter anti-social behaviour in local nature park Biss Meadows.
The charity organisation ‘Friends of Biss Meadows’ secured a grant from the police commissioners fund earlier this year to undertake in the removal of some areas of graffiti, approaching ‘Clarendon Academy’ A- level art students to provide a series of murals that have been installed over the course of this week.
Members of Develop Enhancing Community Support volunteered their time to aid in the painting of large areas of the underside of Broadcloth Lane East Bridge which has suffered from a recurrent graffiti problem. Several volunteers set to work with paint rollers and buckets of paint, quickly erasing signs of crudely written graffiti and removing some dried river mud washed up by flooding. This allowed ‘Friends of Biss Meadows’ to install the murals painted on large plywood panels.
This was completed under the watchful eye of committee member Alan Cooper who said of the volunteer assistance ‘(volunteers) undertook the task with energy and enthusiasm, their efforts meant the Friends were able to erect a huge mural in 2 days and ready in time for the Trowbridge in Bloom and South West in Bloom judging’. Volunteer Melissa Craven said ‘we had a really excellent time; members of the public walking through looked really interested’.

The installation of 14 boards, measuring 8 feet by 4 feet, will be completed this week. These will be unveiled officially when the term starts in September, in a ceremony with the police commissioner.
If you are interested in volunteer opportunities in your area simply visit  for further information or contact 0845 521 6224 for a straightforward way to become involved.

Editor’s Notes
• Volunteer Centre Wiltshire is part of DEVELOP Enhancing Community Support. DEVELOP is a registered charity providing a range of services to local groups to help them run in the best possible way. Whether it is helping to find funding or volunteers, providing the latest news and information, or learning through networking with people in similar situations, DEVELOP has a service to suit all charities, voluntary, and community groups.
• The Friends of Biss Meadows Country Park was formed in early 2009 with the purpose to protect and conserve, promote and enhance the natural environment of the country park and encourage others to join in this work, so that the value of the Country Park and its wildlife is preserved and protected for future generations. They also aim to encourage Wiltshire Council to give the Country Park a Local Nature Reserve Status.
• Alan Cooper is a key committee member and webmaster for Friends of Biss Meadows.
• PHOTO- Volunteers Jackie Crowther and Simone Lord from Develop paint apply one coat of many to graffiti area.
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