Creative Writing Laboratory Course

Creative Writing Laboratory Course

Tanvir Bush will be running her next Creative writing course from Thurs 29th June from 6pm to 8pm. The course will run for 6 weeks and be held at Springfield Community Campus in Corsham. There is a small cost of £30 in total for all 6 weeks.

In her Creative Writing Laboratories, she will show you techniques designed to:
•unlock your creative potential
•deepen your understanding of yourself
•widen your perspectives
•engage empathy
•find greater positivity, confidence and resilience.

Her aim to leave you inspired, energised and entertained!

Tanvir is a novelist, film-maker and photographer. Born in London, she moved with her family to Zambia in the early ‘70’s. Although educated back in England from the age of ten, she returned to Zambia whenever she could, fully intending to move there permanently. However, after completing a first degree in English, Theatre and Film, she was given the life-changing diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa (R.P.), a degenerative eye condition, which would eventually cause her to rethink her future. Initially though, the possibility that she might lose my sight did not deter her from training in film production at the Northern School of Film and TV, Leeds.

She returned to Lusaka in 1999 and set up the Willie Mwale Film Foundation, working with minority communities, street-kids and people affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Her feature documentary ‘Choka!- Get Lost!’ was nominated for Most Distinguished Film and the Pare Lorenz Award for social activism in film by the International Documentary Association in 2001.

In 2005, when she could no longer pretend that her deteriorating sight was not making my life in Zambia extremely difficult, she returned to the UK to study, write and explore photography. Becoming severely sight impaired has been tough, frustrating and occasionally frightening but she have also gained so much on this journey, finding insight into her own strengths and weaknesses, witnessing great kindness and unconditional support from family, friends and colleagues and discovering her own unique voice and love of writing, teaching and research.

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