Corsham Commemorates World War 1.

Corsham Commemorates World War 1.

Today, the 26th November, we remember Archie Gane who died on this day 100 years ago. Archie was only 16 years old when he signed up for the Navy in August 1914 probably just as war was declared. Having served on HMS Endymion he was then on HMS Bulwark when it tragically exploded in port in Sheerness in Kent in November 1914. Over 600 men lost their lives in that single war time accident. Archie is most likely Corsham’s youngest war casualty at 16 years and 3 months old. His mother Edith was one of the nurses in Corsham’s Red Cross Hospital during the war.
You can look at the Corsham Commemorates website for more information about local soldiers and stories from the WW1 time and please get in touch if you have family connections or related stories to share.

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