Colerne Choices 1year on

Colerne Choices 1year on

Colerne Choices is having their first anniversary. For those of you who haven’t heard of us, we focus our activities on the needs of our young people aged 13-19 and have since bid approval in March 2016 delivered 11 community-led youth activities over a 10 month period. These have provided around 130 youth with opportunities where individuals can grow and develop in within a safe and caring community environment.

Our events have ranged from boot camp on the Colerne Rec to cooking lessons at the Lucknam Park Michelin* Cookery School – from mountain biking in the Forrest of Dean to make-up and skin-care lessons in the Colerne cafe.

Our method of communication and engagement is person-led and ensures maximum engagement and inclusion. We communicate with our young people through:
a dedicated facebook site
the Parish Community facebook page
‘face to face’ contact
notice boards

All Choices’ members are volunteers and as such our time, IT use and other associated expenses are provided free of charge. When translating our time into hard cash it amounts to £3528 so far. We have also managed to to secure free activities and prize donations from local supporters.

One of the donations is a free tandem skydive which will take place on 12 March 2017. So look out for the photos and video. Our lucky person jumping out of the plane will use the opportunity to raise funds for HUCK charity.

It has also become apparent throughout the year that our young people are becoming less isolated, they are more confident, they are more respectful of each other, they are starting their own community and are starting to look out for each other.

Our Colerne community stands firmly behind the Choices ethos and is delighted that their children have been given unique opportunities where they will gain confidence and grow into responsible adults.

So, in conclusion, it has been a very successful year for our young people, for the wider community and Colerne Choices. All this has been made possible by Wiltshire Youth Funding.

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