Books on prescription

Books on prescription

Thanks to the expansion of an innovative scheme in Wiltshire, patients are being prescribed self-help books by GPs and other health practitioners to help cope with dementia. The scheme, which has been complementing more traditional treatments in Wiltshire for more than eight years, is now extended to help people with dementia.

Designed to help patients cope with many common psychological and emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression and stress, it enables health professionals to prescribe highly recommended self-help books.

The council is running the scheme in partnership with Alzheimer’s Support and the Alzheimer’s Society.

The books have been chosen by doctors, psychologists and counsellors from those which have proved useful to patients in similar schemes across the country. The doctor issues a ‘prescription’ for the recommended book, which the patient then takes to their local library.

All the county’s main libraries hold copies of the books, or they can be requested free of charge from any Wiltshire library.


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