Blooming good first summer for Springfield community gardens


When the volunteers first started to work on the gardens at the back of Springfied community campus, it seemed like we had taken on a huge task. The space was not an area that people really noticed or wanted to be and the only comments received were negative ones.

Over the past 6 months a lot has happened and we even were entered as part of the Corsham in Bloom.

The space has been redesigned to allow for more grass area, defined spaces and usable areas. Our first picnic table has been installed and we hope to put more in. It was great to see so many people having picnics.

The trees have been properly tied and where required staked and mulch put down. We are looking to put flowers underneath to make the area more attractive.

The wildflower areas have been made more manageable with clear definition between the plants, wildflower and paths. This is work in progress and TRANSCOCO are leading the way to improve this further with a management plan in place, wider paths through it and a bench in the middle. Work has been completed by Peter Harper to identify all the species of plant and insect that live there and interpretation boards are now being designed ready to be installed in time for next summer.

The beds alongside the campus building have also been improved dramatically. The Brunel Shed have made and installed 6 beautiful raised beds and an additional one designed for wheelchair use. Groups were invited to adopt them and last summer, the Corsham Walking Festival took on the first one appropriately with a ‘walking in the meadow’ design and a pair of golden walking boots in the middle. The Corsham Childminding Group took two on and these were a real hit with hidden objects and colourful windmills. The one suitable for wheelchair use was adopted by the Riverside Day Opportunties Group who made a fantastic job of adding colour to the area. corsham Walking Festival raised bedThe remaining three were left with the original plants in them but two of them have now also be adopted by the Dorothy House Hospice Care and TRANSCOCO. That leaves us with one more if anyone is interested in taking it on.

Working in the gardens is great fun, good for your health and really appreciated by the wider community. We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments which has made it all worthwhile.

On Tuesday 26th September at 10.30am a few of us will do some work for a couple of hours to prepare the area for winter. Do join us if you would like to get involved. If you are unable to make Tuesday but want to find out more then contact Richard for more info at

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