Be tick aware


We have had some cold weather recently and as we move into spring, we will see an increase in tick activity.  Ticks are tiny creatures that belong to the spider family. They are found in warm moist undergrowth, such as heathland and leaf mulch in your garden.

The deer or sheep tick is most likely to bite humans and although Lyme disease is a potential risk, not all ticks carry the bacteria that cause this disease. The important thing is to be tick aware. This means understanding where ticks are likely to live, to do a full body check for ticks if you have spent time in a typical habitat and to remove them correctly.

This year’s campaign has the support of many veterinary practices throughout Wiltshire.   The practices will have copies of our leaflets for customers to take away with them.

For more information, please go to the infectious diseases section of the public health webpage. You will find a leaflet and fact sheets to download.  There is also advice available from NHS Choices.

Once you have read the leaflet, we invite you to take a short survey. This will only take a minute and will give us an idea of how helpful the leaflet is.

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