Be sugar smart this winter


Not a day goes by when we don’t hear or read about too much sugar in our diets, and how it is bad for our teeth, weight and general wellbeing. Sugar is everywhere, we can hardly escape it, some people are consuming as many as 40 teaspoons of sugar a day – 5 times the recommended daily allowance. We need to take action together.

Wiltshire Council has signed up to SUGAR SMART and is encouraging as many others to do likewise and support the campaign. There is plenty of positive work already going on in Wiltshire including Wiltshire Obesity Strategy, Eat Out Eat Well Healthy Catering Award, Healthy Schools, Healthy Me programme raising awareness of sugar and finding healthier alternatives for children and families, to name a few initiatives, but we can always do more.

We are calling for organisations, schools, supermarkets, workplaces, colleges, Children’s Centres and individuals to sign up to the Sugar Smart campaign – and follow #SUGARSMARTWiltshire.

For any further information or questions about getting involved, please email’

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