Be part of the WW1 Commemorative Tree Planting Project

Be part of the WW1 Commemorative Tree Planting Project

SInce 2014, we have been commemorating 100 years since WW1. In July 2014 a service was held at Tidworth Military Cemetery and a wall of remembrance was created to mark the sacrifice made by the 10,000 soldiers from Wiltshire.

November 2018 will mark 100 years since the war ended and it has been agreed to plant 10,000 trees in Wiltshire as a legacy. Working with the close support of the Woodland Trust and other organisations, local communities are invited to work with us on this exciting project.

Following on from discussions at Area Board meetings, it has been decided that 5,000 trees will be used for the creation of a central Memorial Woodland for Wiltshire (Location to be agreed). A further 5,000 trees will be made available to local communities to deliver their own memorial.

Corsham Area Board discussed this in May and some of the ideas put forward included creating a ring of trees with a quiet reflective area in the middle, as well as an orchard. It was also pointed out that we do not have to be constrained by what is being provided for us.

We are therefore looking for ideas and offers of help to make this project a reality and provide a fitting local tribute to those who lost their lives. The Woodland Trust provides 3 choices of free community tree packs and communities have the option to plant copses, groves, avenues, shelter belts, hedgerows or other formations.

Further information will be shared as it arises. However our first task is to identify potential opportunities in the Corsham community area including expressions of interest, possible land, approximate numbers of trees and so on. Communities are expected to take responsibility for watering and maintenance of the trees they plant. It should be remembered that overwatering newly planted trees can be counterproductive as it encourages shallow roots. Also lawnmowers and strimmers cause the most damage to newly planted trees.

Please share this project widely and discuss with your school, parish council, organisation, business or social group to see if you can help be part of this. If so then please contact Richard Rogers at

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