Any bin will do…

Any bin will do…

With the ever changing world of waste, it can make it difficult for anyone to understand how they should dispose of their litter, so the council is making it easy for residents with its ‘Any Council Litter Bin Will Do’ campaign.

The message is a simple one. Whether dog waste, litter, cigarette butts or chewing gum; put it in your nearest litter waste bin.

If you are walking your dog and there is a nearby litter bin, you can simply use this. If there is no nearby litter bin, take it home and dispose of it in the council provided household waste bin.

There is no longer a need for expensive specialised bins for dog waste as all the council’s disposal facilities can accept this waste. This means all litter can be simply mixed and disposed of together. Easier, cheaper and more convenient.

Although the number of litter bins the council has in the community is fixed, Wiltshire Council is happy to re-site litter bins if requested by a parish or town council. This allows parish and town councils to identify their local needs and requirements. Providing the number of litter bins in an area does not exceed the current numbers, the council is happy to assist.

The council will also be reviewing the frequency of emptying litter bins over the next twelve months. There are some very exciting innovations that allow the council to match the frequency of emptying to the use of a litter bin, maximising the use of resources and ensuring Council Tax Payers money is wisely spent.

Parish and town councils who may wish to relocate existing bins should contact their local Highways Coordinator on the below number to request the changes.

There is also new legalisation that means that certain commercial premises are responsible for their customer’s waste outside their properties. Sometimes the best way to meet this requirement is for the premises to provide and maintain litter bins themselves. This only recognises what historically the local village shop undertook, or new businesses, such as McDonalds, with their provision of community litter bins. If town or parish councils wish to discuss these arrangements their local Coordinator will also be pleased to help.

I hope this is useful and remember next time you are walking your dog ‘any council litter bin will do!’

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