Surviving Winter Appeal

Surviving Winter Appeal
Thank you to all the people who have so far supported Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter Appeal, enabling us to help 250 older people in fuel poverty in our county.  People like Clive who told us “I am 82 now and what with my heart problems my blood is thin and I very much feel the cold.”  The £200 we have been able to give Clive will be a great help to him.  There are hundreds more like Clive coming to us for help and as we all know the weather has turned much colder of late.  Keeping the heating on literally saves lives!  But we desperately need more support to do so.  If you have not made a donation as yet please do something amazing today and use the links below to send us whatever you can afford. If you have received the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment and do not really need it please consider donating a similar amount. Thank You.


Please donate by:

  • calling 01380 729284 to pay by card
  • visiting our website
  • send a cheque payable to Wiltshire Community Foundation to the address below


                  Thank You

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