3 new footpaths adopted in Box

3 new footpaths adopted in Box

Adoption of New Footpaths in Box Parish – BOX107

footpathThe local Rudloe community under the leadership of Paul Turner have recently waged a long and ultimately successful campaign resulting in the formal adoption of three footpaths that dissect the Leafy Lane Woods.

The three footpaths numbered 107A,B, C will be captured on the Wiltshire Council ‘Definitive Map’ and the Ordnance Survey Land Ranger and Explorer map series will be updated to include the three footpaths

A Cotswold Wardens Work Party led by David Colbourne, Work Party Coordinator, and supported by Barry Cox and Malcolm Glidden have installed three ‘Finger Posts’ along the Leafy Lane access to the woods. Working in close cooperation with Wiltshire’s RoW Officer – Paul Millard, the work party ensured the correct positioning of the ‘Finger Posts’.

The erection of the Footpath ‘Finger Post’ is a significant recognition of the excellent work that Paul Turner and the Rudloe team have delivered in support of the local community.

The Cotswold Wardens were operating in support of Box Parish Council under the direction of Sid Gould, the Cotswold Warden for Box Parish. The weekly workout offered by the Work Party schedule can be challenging, but the health benefits provide a considerable incentive – not withstanding the April downpours on the day.

The erection of the footpath finger posts is one example of the work undertaken by the Avon District Voluntary Wardens. Working Parties can often be seen working in our area repairing and restoring dry stonewalls, maintaining the labyrinth of paths and by-ways, coppicing woodland and planting trees.

Meanwhile, monthly-guided walks are lead by the Wardens such as the Tuesday Tramp out of Colerne.

The Cotswold Voluntary Wardens are keen to recruit new members to continue this valuable work. For more information please take a look at the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty website at

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