An idea for the Corsham Town Council to consider.

In the sxties and seventies, local Councils encouraged self build house construction and provided land, road and services to such locations. The former Calne and Chippenham RDC provided such sites locally at Valley site in Corsham, also in Chippenham and Calne. Such schemes are quite normal in Europe and do provide scope for the individual to create homes appropriate for their own use, giving interesting and diverse styles to dwellings. Much more satisifying in todays landscape than the boring CGI created dwellings on current development sites. Former MOD sites in Corsham would lend themselves to such a scheme, especially as a shared contract with a groundworks contractor, this would bring about such a rewarding vision of enterprise by the Town Council, supporting a demand in the area for such a proposal. Other Councils I understand, are now thinking along similar lines. Such a scheme could be undertaken at virtually nil cost to the Council other than time and dedication to such a proposal.

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